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Rangiroa: Fifty Shades Of Blue

Rangiroa is an atoll, a fringing reef of a now-extinct island volcano. It represents the sole remaining surface geographic feature following the sinking into the sea of volcanic mountain  following extinction. Provided the reef can grow as fast as the volcano sinks, the atoll will remain a geographic feature of the seascapescape. The ms Marina visited January 22, and February 3, 2106.

Rangiroa was one huge volcano, the remaining fringing reef actually sinking out of view at the horizon because of the earth’s curvature. because of the presence of the reef, a myriad of colours dance on the surface of the water. Too many, as a matter of fact to be captured by a state of the art DSLR camera.

Below: the colours of the atoll, such as I can record them, and the reef snaking towards the horizon:


The reef itself is relatively narrow, a stone’s throw in width.

This shot is from within the atoll, the water in the distance being the Pacific Ocean:


A must-see event amongst passengers is the thrill of shooting the gap in the coral reef used to enter and exit the atoll:


Entering the gap, sandbar to the left, reef to the right:


Passing through, starboard side:


Passing through, port side:


Here is the ms Amsterdam preceding us out of Rangiroa, January 22, 2016:


These captains make it look easy!

Safely outside the reef, the blue on the horizon to the right being inside the atoll, we set sail for Papeete, the reef snaking away to the horizon through a sea and sky of blue:


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