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Mo’orea: You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To

Just across the way from bustling port of Papeete is the idyllic island of Mo’orea. The ms Marina visited January 26 and February 5, 2016.

Given the short ferry ride, many from Papeete have chosen Mo’orea as their home, and take the ferry to work on Papeete.

Here, the hectic morning commute from Mo’orea, Tahitian-style:


The island itself vies with Bora Bora as one of the most beautiful destinations in the South Pacific. Cruise ships anchor in inlets surrounded by spectacular volcanic peaks. This time the ms Marina dropped anchor in Opunohu Bay:


On Mo’orea travelling in the interior is an option, and the serenity and the majesty of the landscape is not to be missed. Here, the spectacular from one of the island’s pineapple plantations:


The rather rocky ride up to the Belvédère Lookout rewards the traveller with is a view of both Cook’s Bay (right, with the ms Paul Gauguin at anchor) and Opunohu Bay (left, with the ms Marina at anchor):


Yes, that is the ms Marina, dwarfed by the volcanic spur!


An even rockier ride (definitely not for the faint of heart) will deposit the traveller at the top of Magic Mountain for the best view of Opunohu Bay of all. Just at the horizon line, the ms Paul Gauguin has set sail and is picking its way through the reef:


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